Jane & Dick G.

This is a much belated but surely sincere thank you note for transforming our home inside and out. Dick and I had been dreaming and scheming about possible house renovations for many years; yet we had all but given up the plans because we couldn't find the "right" contractor. We are convinced the Lord orchestrated my rare encounter with Sara Landfear who was delighted to show us your recently completed beautiful work at her home after which you promptly contacted us in response to her 'lead.'

Dick and I were immediately impressed with your professionalism, calm demeanor, graciousness, and rich knowledge base. It's not often one finds "a southern gentleman" who runs such a tight ship! We appreciate your quickly responding to phone calls and emails as well as your very careful overseeing of the process. Thank you for your cost consciousness, flexibility as our plans changed, as well as your genuine interest in our project. We also tremendously respected your mild character- which never seemed to "get ruffled!" Your crew and subcontractors were also top-notch and conscientious. They instilled confidence. It was especially notable how much they respected you. The schedule you established worked so efficiently, and we appreciated your thoughtful consideration as to how to least interfere with our actually living in such a busy worksite.

The house seems now a new home in one sense and yet it looks like it's been built this way for years. So often renovations end up looking like the ''tail wagging the dog." We suspect it may have been a major challenge for you to work for the architect who was also an established commercial contractor; however, we consistently felt a sense of ''team work." We are thrilled with the outcome; the house is so much more functional as well as energy efficient and durable! What ajoy to know we'll never have to paint the exterior again!

In sum, we thank you for your fme work. We have mentioned your company many times and hope for more opportunities to recommend you.

Pat, Virginia Beach, VA

As a commercial real estate developer, we use the phrase "cradle to grave" to deliver our service philosophy of servicing our clients from the beginning to the end. My family and I feel you exceeded our expectations and provided a great finished product as well as incredible service. From the challenging design and architectural review process all the way through the punch list, you were always prompt, professional and enjoyable to be around.

Ron and Anita

In the course of 7 months Patrick Gunn, employees and subcontractors of Gunn Contracting, Inc. completely remodeled our 1940's beach house. At first it was a toss-up between demolishing the old house and rebuilding a whole new house or renovating the existing structure. Even though it presented many more challenges, we chose to renovate because we wanted to keep the charm and integrity of the period house. Patrick Gunn stepped up to the challenge with a "can do" attitude while accommodating all of our special requests whenever possible. He supervised and assisted in putting on an entire new second floor; all new siding, roofs and window trim; remodeled the kitchen, remodeled and relocated bathrooms, created a laundry area, put in a stairway and walk-up attic. Patrick was considerate of our neighbors and kept the construction area cleaned up. He was also helpful in selecting materials and keeping track of expenses so we could stay within our budget yet always maintain a commitment to quality. He was reliable and easy to communicate with as well as totally trustworthy and honest during the entire process. He honored all the terms of the contract and even completed the project ahead of schedule! We would highly recommend him to anyone without reservation.